Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some Mobile Manners

The mobiles industry wants as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits of mobile telecommunications and encourages individuals to use their mobile phones in a responsible manner and to be considerate and aware of situations where using their mobile phone might annoy others.

1. When in doubt, always go out

When possible go outside or to another room to make your call if your call might disturb others. Also, features such as text messaging answering services, call diversion and vibration alert can be used to receive important calls without disturbing others.

2. If you can't turn it off, use silent mode

If you need to keep your phone on for important calls, then turn it to silent or
vibrate mode. It's the ring of a mobile phone in inappropriate places and times
such as at the tennis or in restaurants which annoys people the most.

3. When required turn your phone off and check it's off

There are some places where people should never talk on a mobile phone or send text messages and where the ringing of a mobile phone or message alert is considered highly unacceptable, such as: movies, stage shows, weddings, funerals, concerts, speeches, classrooms and lectures. In these cases, turn your phone off and remember to check it's off before you enter the venue. You can always check your voicemail, text messages or your answering service afterwards.

4. Keep your conversations private

People's sense of personal space varies in each situation. Making a call in a
busy place may be okay, but talking loudly in a confined space like a lift or on
a train tends to infringe on others personal space. Be aware of where you are
and who you are with and what others are doing before deciding to make or
accept a call. In some situations it might be better to send a text message.

5. Speak softly

Mobile phones have very sensitive microphones that can pick even the softest
voice, so there is no need to shout. If you are having trouble hearing the other
caller, check that you have the volume on your phone set high enough.

6. You don't always have to answer- use your messaging service

It's a natural reflex to answer your phone if it rings, however, if you forget to
put your phone on silent or vibrate mode and it rings at an inappropriate moment, send the call to voice mail or your answering service (usually by pressing the hang-up key).

7. Talk to the one you're with

If you receive a call during a conversation, send the call to your voicemail
or answering service. Your first priority should be to the person you are with.
However, if you are expecting an important call let the person you're with know before the call arrives and excuse yourself before accepting the call.

8. Don't send inappropriate messages

Messaging is a great way to communicate, but don't send offensive or threatening text, voice, picture or any other sort of message, because it is a criminal offence to use a mobile phone to menace or harass someone. Also receivers can save messages and easily identify you as the sender.

9. Respect others' privacy when using in-phone cameras

In-phone cameras shouldn't be used anywhere a normal camera would be considered inappropriate, such as in change rooms or toilets. You should ask for permission before you take someone's picture. Also bear in mind that some venues do not allow the use of cameras and may refuse entry to anyone with one.

10. Ban the ring: not the phone

Wherever conversations are normally acceptable, venues can help by asking people to turn their phones to silent or vibrate mode rather than turning it off. This approach will help with compliance, especially for people who need their phone for important calls. Venues can also assist by reminding people to set their phones to silent mode, before they enter.

src : Taman2Syurga

Pantun Raya


Make ikke cicoh budu
Jange lupo tamboh satar
Kelik rayo taksir laju
Nanti rayo dale sepita

Terengganu.. .

Makang ubi jamang jepong
Makang kepok cicah cuke
Bulang pose mung bengong
Bulang raye mung gile


Sepadan Pahang ada kasino
Nasi dagang ikan patin
Jange mu masam muko
Raya makan rendang sadin


Cegitu cegini awak suke
Awak suke kite tak suke
Esok luse hari raye
Sama-sama bersuke rie


Hawau kau berak merate
Kaki bengkak ulau patok
Kalu balik naik kerete
Jangan pandu kalau ngantok

N. Sembilan...

Masak lomak cili api
Campo dongan! daun turi
Hari rayo kolumpo sopi
Tinggal penyamun dongan pencuri

(org kolumpo jgn kocik ati!!)

Selangor/K.Lumpur. ..

Wa cakap lu wa tak tau
Tapi wa tipu sama lu
Raya jangan buat tak tau
Angpau ada bagi gua dulu


Gulai tempoyak ikan mayong
Deroyan busok tebok tupai
Pandu hemat ingat kampong
Asal teman selamat sampai


Aloq Staq terketaq-ketaq
Lapaq perut makan pau
Macam mana tak ketaq
Kena paksa bagi angpau


Nasi kandaq kedai mamak
Anak mami juai pesemboq
Lepas raya usah dok triak
Kalu ceti mai ikut dapoq


Padang besaq kecik aja
Tempat siam lalu lalang
Hari raya kita berbelanja
Jangan sampai menambah utang

src : Taman2Syurga